About Renaissance Kids

Dear Renaissance Family,

Renaissance Kids offers unique programs that encourage students of all ages to explore and love a variety of academic pursuits. Whether they are exploring the wonders of science, absorbing the beauty and history of art, or challenging themselves with advanced literature and mathematics, the students will be forever captivated by a love for knowledge. Each and every course reflects the Renaissance Kids’ philosophy that learning should be challenging and exciting.

Anna Rubin, Founder

In 1991, Anna Rubin founded Renaissance Kids with the goal of offering academic enrichment and making learning fun.

A family business at the core, Renaissance Kids works with families to support all academic needs, from reading readiness to test preparation. We provide courses both on site and online.

Our Brentwood center also serves as a bookstore, providing a wide selection of educational materials and books for purchase. We can always order additional titles upon request.

For more information or any questions on pricing, scheduling or policies, please call us during our Front Desk hours (Mon-Thurs 10-7pm & Fridays 9-6pm) at (310)207-4225 or use our contact form.